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Healing Through Meditation?

How can we be healed through meditation? What are we healing?

In our Group, we are aware of our own suffering. People come together for support and leadership, to find a way out of their present predicament. Usually people are looking for respite from the stress of a strained broken relationship with a partner or they are feeling great anxiety about the future (whether that’s with regard to work, the family, housing, money or whatever is not material, here): the important thing is the burden of the anxiety, the burden of the worry, the burden of the stress. How can we bear such suffering? ‘Why does it always happen to me?’

Many can find no peace. There are no moments of calm for them. Even if the cause of their suffering is removed another cause replaces it. Haunted by the events of the past, we all seek to rewrite history in our minds, to go over the same events time and time again, reliving the dreadful and fearsome emotions that beset us all those years or months or days ago. Is there no end to it? Will it never stop?

The answer is ‘yes’ if we are prepared to accept Buddha’s teaching to heal our pain and misery.

Gautama Buddha has taught us what we should do. All those years ago, when he left the princely protection of his father’s kingdom to find out what the world was really like and after he had not just seen the suffering of people through famine, poverty, illness and death, but had himself suffered, too, and had found that in a eureka moment a solution. From that moment he began to teach us the way. We all now have the chance to awaken the buddha within us and experience that eureka moment of Enlightenment. We can undertake this journey just as Buddha himself did and gain this self knowledge and awareness of the Oneness of all things.

The side effect is peace of mind. Happiness, Joy.

Buddha taught Mindfulness and Meditation as ways to overcome our suffering, our anguish and our pain. Meditation is a healing modality and one to be taken seriously and practised regularly each day. When you don’t feel like doing it—not even for 10 minutes? Then do it for an hour, instead.

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