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The Virus: An Awakening!


The Coronavirus epidemic has resulted in a seismic change to the way that society views itself, relationships, the world of work and the ways in which we communicate. If it has done nothing else, it has helped us to recognise that we are all the same in this very divided world. We all can catch the virus, we all bleed, we all suffer and we all share a common humanity. It has also highlighted the oft-times ugliness of our perceptions and deeds, our attitudes and our prejudices. It is a time when the things that divide us around the world are so obviously a consequence of our Egos: pride, Nationalism, selfishness, prejudices of all kinds, and are also a consequence of our wrong perceptions. It is time to recognise that all is One in the Cosmos. We are One with the Cosmos and the Cosmos is One within us. There is no duality, no separation except that which we create for ourselves.

Mother Earth is damaged by what we have done to it. Nature itself: the trees, birds, insects, creatures of the mighty oceans, have been and are being damaged by us. People of the entire planet are being damaged by racial prejudices, by the pride of politicians, by the ideologies of capitalism, by the imposition of wars of self interest, by ignoring the plight of poor people, disabled people, refugees and displaced children.

It is time for a new beginning where we realise that we are all One and act upon that realisation. All the world’s great religions are about peace, equality, fairness, equity and Love. (They don’t necessarily have very good track records of practising what they preach.) Each day is a new day and an opportunity to put things right. We are each very small in the scheme of things. What can we do to heal the rifts in society and the world? First we can accept that there has to be a new beginning. Second we have to acknowledge that this starts with us, individually: the first seismic change must come from within each of us. Much damage has been done and self-healing is the precursor to healing the world.

By healing ourselves and others around us we can begin to make the world a better place. United by love, we can then see that there is a way to overcome suffering and the causes of suffering and that there is a clearly defined path both to self knowledge and to Oneness with all other sentient beings and the very Cosmos itself.

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