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What Is Normal?

Almost a year ago (when we were still Stourport Meditation Group and Stourport Reiki Healing Circle) I suggested that the Coronavirus epidemic was creating a seismic change to the way that society views itself, relationships, the world of work and the ways in which we communicate. I also said that if it has done nothing else, it has helped us to recognise that we are all the same in this very divided world. We all can catch the virus, we all bleed, we all suffer and we all share a common humanity. I described a world divided and raised a hope that nations would work together to bring about peace and that people would learn to live together in love. peace and harmony.

Regrettably this has failed to happen and as I write the Israelis are bombing Palestinian families: men, women and children. There seems no end to it. This hatred is motivated by nationalism, racism, religious and cultural prejudice and is a feature of the way we attempt not to live together peacefully on our (very) small planet Earth.

World peace begins with each of us individually. We have to practice peaceful living at home, at work, in our social life and the way we interact with each other. It is not easy .

Our organisation, Dragonfly Healing Modalities, is seeking a return to normality - whatever normality is. So for the Reiki Healing Circle we have a Reunion and Retreat Day on June 5th at Little Witley followed by actual Reiki Shares on a regular basis. For the Blue Lotus (Monday evening) Group we have sessions in Elms Green starting in June, The Monday Morning Meditation stays online until we find a ‘home’ and Mindfulness courses will be at Elms Green.

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