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Pink Sand

Polly Castellano

About Polly

Hi, I'm Polly! It's a pleasure to connect with you. 
My story is a long one, as yours may well be too. The main thing to share with you is that my whole life led me to Reiki, it was certainly no accident that reiki found me or you here today.

 The video below tells you everything you need to know for now, and I'm happy to share more with anyone who'd like to talk 🙏

Pink Sand

My Work

I believe in connection: this is the essence of who we all are. 

 My work is all about re-writing stories and making your own magic, grounding, accepting and loving the self that you are in the here and now

I work predominantly with survivors and women yet anyone and everyone is welcome through my door. 

Star Formation

My Vision

Self-love and real happiness is not only possible for everyone it's also achievable in the here and now. 

You are safe, you are loved and you are held by unconditional love. 

(Read that again) 


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